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Durabot: the tool to introduce durability in the design process

Cappelletti, Federica;Menchi, Giacomo;Rossi, Marta;Germani, Michele // 2023
The extension of the product lifecycle is crucial in the application of Circular Economy principles. However, when Energy Related Products are concerned, managing a durable product does not ...


Perez, Santiago; Grimal, Lou; Gillot, Claudine // 2023
Integrating sustainability in design activities remains a challenge, as sustainability is a wicked issue, that is, complex, multidimensional, with no ideal solution. To achieve the integration of ...

Effects of Embodied and Self-reflected Virtual Reality on Engineering Students’ Design Cognition about Nature

Trump, Josh; Shealy, Tripp // 2023
The study presented in this paper investigated the impact of embodied and self-reflected virtual reality (VR) experiences on engineering design students' cognition and perception of ...

Engineering Graph as an approach to support Design Decisions in Product Development

Schweitzer, Gregor (1); Bitzer, Michael (1); Vielhaber, Michael (2) // 2023
The requirements space is increasing due to non-functional areas such as security, resilience and sustainability gaining in importance. This creates a complex and dynamic space which makes it hard ...

Evaluation of e-scooter tyre performance using dynamometer-based coast-down tests

Stilwell, George; Gooch, Shayne; Goodwin, Max; Zarifeh, Harry // 2023
E-scooters have become a popular form of personal transport with millions of E-scooters used worldwide. This paper details an initial investigation into the relative differences in rolling resistance ...

Flexibility Despite Dependencies And Constraints: Product Family Design With Solution-Compensation Spaces

Nicola Barthelmes (1), Stefan Sicklinger (2), Markus Zimmermann (1) // 2023
Optimization of components and commonality in a product family can be prohibitively expensive due to combinatorics. In a previously presented approach, numerical effort is significantly reduced by ...

Framework for Comparison of Product Carbon Footprints of Different Manufacturing Scenarios

Winter, Sven; Quernheim, Niklas; Arnemann, Lars; Anderl, Reiner; Schleich, Benjamin // 2023
The Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) has been established over the last few years as a new control variable in product design to quantify the sustainable impact of a product. However, the calculation ...


Chen, Cheng; Carroll, Cody; Morkos, Beshoy // 2023
Smart manufacturing enterprises rely on adapting to rapid engineering changes while minimizing the generated risk. Making informed decisions related to engineering changes and managing risks against ...

Function driven assessment of manufacturing risks in concept generation stages

Brahma, Arindam (1);Panarotto, Massimo (1);Kipouros, Timoleon (2);Isaksson, Ola (1);Andersson, Petter (3);Clarkson, P. John (2) // 2023
Decisions made in the concept generation phase have a significant effect on the product. While product-related risks typically can be considered in the early stages of design, risks such as supply ...

Function integration in additive manufacturing: A review of approaches

Tüzün, Gregory-Jamie; Roth, Daniel; Kreimeyer, Matthias // 2023
This paper provides an overview of established approaches for function integration in additive manufacturing and critically compares their capabilities. One of the decisive factors is how functions ...

Generative Models for Feature-Based Product Development as a Basis for Hybrid Decision-Making

Valentin Schemmann, Thorsten Schmidt, Niels Demke, Frank Mantwill // 2023
This paper investigates the general possibility for applying generative models in the early phase of product development. For this purpose, the fundamentals of feature-based product development are ...

GitHub for product development -- How could that look like?

Hackenberg, Georg; Zehetner, Christian; Frühwirth, Dominik // 2023
Product development is facing new challenges due to increasingly complex and individualized products in small batch sizes and short time to markets at high quality standards. Integrated product data ...

HVLV Engineering with Module System(s), ETO and lean design - study on practitioner information needs

Juuti, Tero Sakari (1); Heikkinen, Teuvo (1); Heino, Tero (2); Graf, Ilari (3); Tomberg, Juha-Pekka (3); Oja, Hannu (4) // 2023
This research elaborates the engineering design of high value low volume (HVLV) artefacts (aka Capital goods, investment goods). Our goal is to describe what information needs the practitioners have ...

Identification and classification of uncertainties as the foundation of agile methods

Pendzik, Martin; Sembdner, Philipp; Paetzold, Kristin // 2023
To remain competitive, companies today are increasingly faced with the challenge of reacting adequately in dynamic development environments. For product development, in particular, it is necessary to ...

Identifying and Comparing Subproblems in Factory Design Processes

Herrmann, Jeffrey W. (1); Gralla, Erica (2); Fazelpour, Mohammad (1) // 2023
When a design team faces the problem of designing a complex system, they are required to make several decisions. Because such design problems are difficult to solve all at once, teams often decompose ...

Implications of EU instruments on company capabilities to design more sustainable solutions–Product Environmental Footprint and Digital Product Passport

Lövdahl, Josefin (1); Hallstedt, Sophie I. (1,2); Schulte, Jesko (1) // 2023
In the EU, initiatives with concrete instruments for measuring and storing sustainability-related product data are now introduced in legislation. Based on literature review and semi-structured ...

In search for shared characteristics of physical and virtual prototypes

Zorn, Stefan; Hemmer, Michael; Gericke, Kilian // 2023
Prototyping is essential for knowledge acquisition and, thus, for informed decision-making in product development. The gold standard is still the use of physical prototypes. However, with the ...

Industrial Perspectives on the Adoption of Virtual Testing

Tahera, Khadija (1); Jowers, Iestyn (1); Loureiro-Koechlin, Cecilia (2); Eckert, Claudia (1); Lockett, Helen (1) // 2023
This research aimed to gain insight into current practices and challenges with respect to the adoption of virtual testing and integration with physical testing in product development processes. A ...

Information flow analysis enabling the introduction of additive manufacturing for production tools- Insights from an industrial case

Hajali, Tina (1); Mallalieu, Adam (1); Brahma, Arindam (1); Panarotto, Massimo (1); Isaksson, Ola (1); Stålberg, Lina (2); Malmqvist, Johan (1) // 2023
Additive Manufacturing (AM) has traditionally been used for prototyping of products, however, in the last few decades, it has seen a rising growth in the manufacture of final products. The addition ...


Vandenhende, Karel; Stevens, Jeroen // 2023
Given the contemporary upheaval of climate and war refugees around the globe, the cosmopolitan scale of architecture and its increasing caregiving agenda can not be ignored. How could the first ...

Is it better? Exploring the effect of transition goal and virtual reality on team performance

Horvat, Nikola; Martinec, Tomislav; Brnčić, Marko; Škec, Stanko // 2023
Transition activities, such as design reviews, are often utilised in product development to evaluate the conducted work and plan future actions. While key decisions are made during these activities, ...

Knowledge-based data identification for machine learning use cases

Ebel, Helena;Ben Hassine, Sahar;Stark, Rainer // 2023
The number of digital solutions based on machine learning has increased in recent years. In many industrial sectors, they try to enhance automation in manual or repetitive tasks or provide decision ...

MBSE incorporating time-dependent behavior for the design of robot-like systems

Ziegler, Klara; Volpert, Marcus; Amm, Maximilian; Vogel-Heuser, Birgit; Stahl, Karsten; Zimmermann, Markus // 2023
Complex systems typically consist of many components and are subject to many requirements. Approaches like the V-Model support complex systems design by providing guidelines on how to break down ...

Method for reference-based manufacturing cost estimation – evaluation study using a prototype

Hellweg, Fynn (1,2); Cacaj, Ardian (1); Haneke, Simon (1); Albers, Albert (2) // 2023
Within product development, manufacturing cost estimation provides a sound basis for design and management decisions. This secures companies profitability, but the effort is high and deep knowledge ...

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