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Mekhilef, M.; Mira-Bonnardel, S. // 2003


Müller, D. H.; Aumund-Kopp, C.; Weitzel, R.; Selk, A. // 2003


Longueville, B.; Stal Le Cardinal, J.; Bocquet, J-C; Daneau, P. // 2003

A KBE System to Manage the Module Configuration Using the Corporate Knowledge

Mandorli, F.; Berti, S.; Germani, M. // 2002
A key point, today, is the development of products that fulfil the individual customer needs as close as possible. The market trend, hence, is towards the ""mass customization"". ...

An Analysis of Design Decision-Making in Industrial Practice

Hansen, C. T.; Ahmed, S. // 2002
This paper describes research that confronts a generic decision-making model with design strategies employed by experienced designers. The relationship between the decision-making activities proposed ...

An Approach to Verification and Evaluation of Early Conceptual Design Solutions

Derelöv, M. // 2002
In the eartly phases of the design process the evaluation and the following decision-making are based on limited amount of information, nevertheless the decision will determine the direction of the ...

Communicating Engineering Design - A Critical Success Factor in Projects

Baumgärtner, C. E. // 2002
Engineering projects or designs fail frequently because they are not communicated well to the management of the company in which they are carried out. Communication of project proposals, project ...

Concurrent Decision Making for High-Tech Products and Supply Systems

Sahlin, M.; Fagerström, J.; Clausson, L.; Aganovic, D.; Sohlenius, G. // 2002
The ability to meet the market window is often described as a key factor for successful companies. The pressure to meet the market window has put demands on many companies to shorten the time from ...

Decision Based Knowledge Management for Design Project of Innovative Products

Longueville, B.; Stal Le Cardinal, J.; Bocquet, J.-C. // 2002
This paper describes a framework to analyse decision flows in design projects of innovative products. The objective is to provide tools to specify KM systems that satisfy projects stakeholders’ ...

Design as a Collaborative Process: A Systematic and Constructive Model for Developing Play Material for Blind/Visually Impaired Pre-School Children

Evyapan, N. A. G. Z. // 2002
This paper discusses a design process lived through, during the application of a model derived from design methodology and devised towards attaining a particular task. The task was: Designing a play ...

Early Validation of a Design Method Based on Structured Reflection

Ivashkov, M. Y.; van Overveld, C. W. A. M. // 2002
The concistency and usefulness of a design method based on the idea of structured reflections (DMSR) are difficult to assess without having a working software prototype. In order to develop software ...

Environmentally Sound Product Improvements of Consumer Products

Lo, V.; Wimmer, W. // 2002
In the fast moving and quick changing Digital Economy (DE), all businesses or manufacturing modes have evolved into a very competitive business particularly in the Small Electrical Appliances ...

Fatigue Damage and New Design of Gantry Crane Equalizer Beam

Krstulovic, A.; Matic, T. // 2002
During regularly inspection of gantry cranes on equalizer beams (part of a crane used to distribute the load to the wheels) a numerous cracks in regions of weldments was observed. Repair by simple ...

Identifying the Best Overall Solution by Team Based Evaluation and Decision Tactics in Conceptual Design

Graessler, I. // 2002
In this contribution, evaluation and decision tactics to be applied in early phases of innovative and interdisciplinary product development projects are presented. As an example, a workshop series ...

Informal Information in Engineering Design - a Classification

Culley, S. J.; Allen, R. D.; Hicks, B. J. // 2002
To achieve success companies must minimise time to market and possess the ability to make fully informed decisions at the early phase of the design process. Such decisions may include the choice of ...

Model Generation and Application in Medical Domain

Krek, J.; Duhovnik, J. // 2002
3D model of real object can be generated using many different algorithms. The paper presents the method of creating the model with input images of real model, base model and expert knowledge. Input ...

Simulation on Multiple Dimensions for the Evaluation of New Designs. A Practical Experience

Guirado, R.; Bienvenido, J. F.; Flores-Parra, I. M. // 2002
Our application problem is the study of the radiation, by simulation, into several greenhouse structures typologies. One of our initial decisions was using the most specific tools. We used a ...

Supporting the Early Stages of Product Design by Function-Based Tools

Koch, M.; Meerkamm, H. // 2002
The state-of-the-art in the early stages of design is a situation, where practically no computer-supported tools for a designer’s work exist. To get rid of this problem and to make decisions ...

The Application of the ECODESIGN PILOT and Methodical Support for the Implementation of ECODESIGN in Products

Wimmer, W.; Züst, R.; Strasser Ch. // 2002
The question nowadays is how to bring environmental information to engineers in product development in order to support the decision making towards more environmentally conscious products. The paper ...

The Innovation-Styling Spectrum: Factors Constraining the Design Ambition of UK SMEs

Moultrie, J.; Fraser, P.; Clarkson, P. J. // 2002
This paper describes the development of a framework depicting a spectrum of approaches to managing industrial design. This framework is based on literature and case examples, and four representative ...

Towards A Designer Working Culture That Encourages Sleep And Dreaming

Hilton, K. H. // 2002
There is a growing acceptance of a work culture where both superior and peer respect can be gained by working longer hours than contracted to, at work or at home. However, in response to growing ...


Bikker, Henk; van Till, Roelf // 1998
The paradigm of the Order Entry Point recognizes the necessity of anticipating the external needs from the market and the internal needs from design and manufacturing, to act partly on prognosis and ...

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  • +design -community
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  • +design ~community
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  • +design +(>community <decisions)
    Find rows that contain the words “design” and “community”, or “design” and “decisions” (in any order), but rank “design community” higher than “design decisions”
  • design*
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