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ETO Standardization Strategies: Verifying Implementation and Effect

Bertram, Christian Alexander; Mueller, Georg Otto; Mortensen, Niels Henrik // 2020
Engineer-To-Order product development often entails project-based development of highly customized products with a production of low volumes. Unique designs increases the interest for re-use to keep ...

Identifying modularity practices across mechanics, electronics and software

Askhøj, Christoffer; Løkkegaard, Martin; Bertram, Christian Alexander; Mortensen, Niels Henrik // 2020
In this paper we present five modularity practices across the domains of mechanics, electronics and software deduced from observations from four companies. The practices are made to help product ...

Interactive model-based decision-making tools in early product platform design

Alonso Fernandez, I // 2020
It is difficult to gather and unify the views of multiple stakeholder simultaneously. To support decision makers, when dealing with uncertainty and with decisions involving trade-offs, an interactive ...

KPI-linked transformation process for digitized production through the systematic analysis and evaluation of trends

Marthaler, Florian; Mertes, Thomas; Albers, Albert // 2020
Planning for production is based on a comparison between the target and actual status. In companies with limited resources, cost-intensive developments such as setting up production can jeopardize ...


Sigsgaard, K. V., Agergaard, J. K., Bertram, C. A., Mortensen, N. H., Soleymani, I., Khalid, W., Hansen, K. B. and Mueller, G. O. // 2020

The Decision Arena: A model-centric interactive workspace for Product-Service System design

Wall, Johan; Bertoni, Marco // 2020
Design has become an intense ‘social activity’: working with others and sharing a common understanding are of critical importance to find satisfying solutions for customers and stakeholders. This ...

Understanding system features through information visualisations to improve product development: An exploratory study with data analysts

Idrissov, Agzam; Škec, Stanko; Maier, Anja M. // 2020
Information visualisations, such as diagrams and charts, support analysis of large amounts of information. While there exist various information visualisations for decision support in product ...

Understanding the product: Backtracking the QFD connections via the product structure

Johansson, Roger // 2020
Literature is pointing out the subjectivity when using QFD. a method is developed and explored with the aim to try to backtrack and verify the QFD connections via the product structure and thereby ...


Esparragoza, Ivan (1); Mesa-Cogollo, Jaime (2) // 2019
Finding sustainable solutions to worldwide problems has become a critical challenge for engineers. The use of natural resources and the generation of materials no degradable should be controlled when ...

A Comparison Of Contemporary Prototyping Methods

Coutts, Euan Ross (1,2); Wodehouse, Andrew (2); Robertson, Jason (2) // 2019
Prototypes are a common feature of many product design and development endeavours. An ever widening range of prototyping options are available to designers and engineers. May particular options be ...


Empson, Thomas (1); Chance, Professor Shannon (2); Patel, Professor Shushma (1) // 2019
This paper provides a system level perspective of the contextual pressures facing designers, engineers and businesses today. In it, we challenge negative creative norms and we champion positive ...


WU, DUAN (1); MA, YUHONG (1); WANG, JIPING (3); XU, JIE (2) // 2019
Social regeneration is an intricate field that calls for interdisciplinary knowledge to fulfill the ever-changing trends and an arbitrary sequence of demands. Ostensibly, involved in “reshaping” the ...

A lifecycle cost-driven system dynamics approach for considering additive re-manufacturing or repair in aero-engine component design

Lawand, Lydia (1); Al Handawi, Khalil (1); Panarotto, Massimo (2); Andersson, Petter (3); Isaksson, Ola (2); Kokkolaras, Michael (1,2) // 2019
Aero-engine component design decisions should consider re-manufacturing and/or repair strategies and their impact on lifecycle cost. Existing design approaches do not account for alternative ...

A Network-based Contract Management Framework for Prioritizing Contractual Performance Progress Axis

Cesar, Franck (1); Marle, Franck (2) // 2019
Contracts play a major role in today’s projects and operations. Contractual performance is defined as the result of the contract and the process and organization that support the contract lifecycle. ...

A pragmatic approach towards leveraging employee competences by use of semantic web technologies

Ocker, Felix; Vogel-Heuser, Birgit // 2019
Global competition in combination with the increasing specialization of labor requires organizations to leverage their employees' competences. The approach presented in this paper empowers ...

A survey of design reviews: Understanding differences by designer-roles and phase of development

Chen, James; Zucco, Gustavo; Olechowski, Alison // 2019
In this paper, we present the results of a survey of new product development practitioners regarding their design review experiences. We surveyed 128 product development professionals on their ...

A survey on the applications of machine learning in the early phases of product development

Shabestari, Seyed Sina; Herzog, Michael; Bender, Beate // 2019
Machine learning has shown its potential to support the knowledge extraction within the development processes and particularly in the early phases where critical decisions have to be made. However, ...

A Systematic Approach to Model Objectives in Predevelopment Projects

Richter, Thilo Oliver; Albers, Albert; Gesk, Johannes Willi; Witt, Jan-Hendrik // 2019
This contribution presents a systematic for the elicitation of objectives and the utilization of objectives to identify reference products. The systematic is based on existing meta models. The model ...

Abductive inferences in strategic design decisions

Kroll, Ehud (1); Koskela, Lauri (2) // 2019
The overall strategy of designing is addressed. The design decisions that have a major impact on the direction in which the process evolves are termed ?strategic?, and here we study them from the ...

Alarm Compliance In Healthcare: Design Considerations For Actionable Alarms (In Intensive Care Units)

Sanz-Segura, Rosana (1); Manchado P // 2019
Intensive care units are technologically advanced environments that are designed to safeguard the patient while their vitals are stabilized for further treatment. Audible and visual alarms are part ...

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  • +design ~community
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