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Towards Sustainable Life Cycles of Making in Small Scale Fabrication Spaces

Moore, George Edward (1); Agogino, Alice M. (2); Goucher-Lambert, Kosa (2) // 2023
Small scale fabrication spaces have shown their potential to support our local supply chains during the collapse of many global supply chain networks at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In ...

Towards the design of sustainable mobility systems: objectives and barriers from the French local authorities’ perspective

Baltazar, Julien (1); Bouillass, Ghada (1); Vallet, Flore (1,2); Puchinger, Jakob (3,1); Perry, Nicolas (4) // 2023
Within the on-going ecological transition, mobility systems are considered as sociotechnical systems that raise several challenges for local authorities due to the different levels of decision, a ...

Using machine learning to increase efficiency in design of experiments for cyclic characterization of fibre-reinforced plastics

Marc Gadinger, Christian Witzgall, Thomas Hufnagel, Sandro Wartzack // 2023
Efficient characterization of fatigue behavior plays a crucial role in engineering design as it reduces the financial costs associated with expensive experimental tests. Existing methods for ...

Visualizing the Complex Problem of Children’s Digital Wellbeing in South Korea: a Systems Thinking Approach

Widjaja, Shannen Patricia; Baek, Joon Sang // 2023
Considering the prevalence of digital interaction within the Generation Alpha, this study focuses on the digital wellbeing of elementary school-aged children in South Korea. By taking into account ...

VR or Not? Investigating Interface Type and User Strategies for Interactive Design Space Exploration

Nandy, Ananya (1); Smith, James (1); Jennings, Nicholas (1); Kuniavsky, Mike (2); Hartmann, Bjoern (1); Goucher-Lambert, Kosa (1) // 2023
Computational design tools allow the generation of vast numbers of possible designs, entrusting the human designer with describing constraints or specifications to guide exploration of the design ...


De Vere, Ian // 2023
Designers are now entrusted with increasingly complex challenges and the stakes have never been higher. The complex and impactful endeavours of modern design reach far beyond the commercial and ...

What Users Want: a Natural Language Processing Approach to Discover Users' Needs from Online Reviews

Spada, Irene (1,5); Barandoni, Simone (2,5); Giordano, Vito (1,5); Chiarello, Filippo (3,5); Fantoni, Gualtiero (4,5); Martini, Antonella (3,5) // 2023
Digital media are a means to deliver products and services, but also a channel to interact with consumers and a source of information on users’ preferences. Data shared by customers on the web, the ...

“We always think it's never going to happen to us”: Understanding What Motivates Communities to Engage in Emergency Preparedness

Maher, Tera; Toh, Christine // 2023
Community-based disaster risk reduction is an effective approach for emergency management to address the needs of communities. This approach focuses on identifying the community-specific needs and ...

Application of Expert Systems for Personalizing Financial Decisions

Sara Shafiee (1), Kourosh Marjani Rasmussen (1), Eike Sch // 2022
Due to the complexity of financial products, consumers with low financial literacy are left behind. However, few practical studies investigated the impact of digital advisory systems to improve ...

Approach to Sustainability-Based Assessment of Solution Alternatives in Early Stages of Product Engineering

Iris Gr // 2022
Sustainable product engineering is becoming increasingly important. This includes the development of environmentally friendly products and the design for recycling. In this paper a holistic method ...

Are Confident Designers Good Teammates to Artificial Intelligence?: A Study of Self-Confidence, Competence, and Collaborative Performance

Leah Chong, Kenneth Kotovsky, Jonathan Cagan // 2022
For successful human-artificial intelligence (AI) collaboration in design, human designers must properly use AI input. Some factors affecting that use are designers’ self-confidence and competence ...

Capturing the Design Rationale in Model-Based Systems Engineering of Geo-Stations

Andreas Zech (1), Ralf Stetter (2), Stephan Rudolph (3), Markus Till (2) // 2022
The design rationale describes the justification of design decision or selection. To avoid unnecessary design iterations, a capturing and documentation of this rationale is highly desirable. In ...

Cardinal Maturity Determination of Technology Development: Medical Device Development Case Study

Soumya Ranjan Mishra, Kamran Behdinan // 2022
A novel application of Best Worst Method (BWM) enables one to incorporate the complexity of specific sub-criteria of technological development to assess its maturity with the pre-established ...

Concept of a Multi-Agent System for Optimised and Automated Engineering Change Implementation

Ognjen Radisic-Aberger, Tim Weisser, Till Sassmannshausen, Johannes Wagner, Peter Burggr // 2022
Engineering changes are necessary to stay competitive, unavoidable and occur more frequently with increased product complexity. Currently, scheduling of engineering changes into production and supply ...

Dashboard-supported approach for feasibility and benefit analysis of Product-Service System-driven business models

Mahl, Tobias; Köhler, Christian; Collet, Philipp; Arnold, Dominik; Lins, Dominik; Kuhlenkötter, Bernd // 2022
Once a company decides to become a Product-Service System (PSS) provider, this inevitably means that the company's business model needs to be transformed. The development of a PSS is thus closely ...

Design by Prototyping: Increasing Agility in Mechatronic Product Design through Prototyping Sprints

Camilla Arndt Hansen, Ryan Arlitt, Tobias Eifler, Michael Deininger // 2022
This paper adapts the agile scrum sprint, typically used in software development, to a prototyping sprint for mechatronic product design. The Design by Prototyping framework describes how the ...

Design Decisions in the Architecture Development of Advanced Systems: Towards traceable and sustainable Documentation and Communication

Pfeifer,  Stefan; Akgül, Didem; Röbenack, Silke; Tihlarik, Amelie; Albert,Bruno; Anacker, Harald; Dumitrescu,Roman // 2022
Documenting and communicating decisions is paramount during the system architecture development of Advanced Systems. Reporting design decisions properly is important since they allow decisions to ...

Design Structure Matrix and Its Applications in Innovation Management

Durango, Ana Cristina (1); Luciani, Francesca (1); De Paula Ferreira, William (2); Armellini, Fabiano (1) // 2022
New product/process development entails technical and managerial complexities, such as coordination among interactions among entities and functions in the supply chain. DSM (Design structure matrix) ...

Development of a Methodology for Technology Demonstration Projects Evaluation

Anastasia Stelvaga, Clement Fortin // 2022
To ensure optimal resource allocation in technology demonstration projects, the evaluation of demonstrators of various maturity, scale, and nature has to be carried out. Most of the existing ...

Does CAD Smell Like Code? A Mapping between Violation of Object Oriented Programming Design Principles and Computer Aided Design Modelling

Peter Rosso (1), James Gopsill (1,2), Stuart C. Burgess (1), Ben Hicks (1) // 2022
In objected-oriented design, "smells" are symptoms of code violating design principles. When a deadline is looming, decisions can affect the long-term quality of a code or CAD. Given this and the ...

Exploiting 3D Variational Autoencoders for Interactive Vehicle Design

Sneha Saha (1), Leandro L. Minku (2), Xin Yao (2,3), Bernhard Sendhoff (1), Stefan Menzel (1) // 2022
In automotive digital development, 3D prototype creation is a team effort of designers and engineers, each contributing with ideas and technical evaluations through means of computer simulations. To ...

Feasibility Evaluation of Milling Designs Using Multi-Agent Systems

Stefan Plappert, Christian Becker, Paul Christoph Gembarski, Roland Lachmayer // 2022
During product development, many decisions have to be made that affect the entire product life cycle and often lead to errors that cause additional effort. To proactively support the engineer in ...

Forecasting the Number of End-of-Life Vehicles: State of the Art Report

Hanbing Xia, Ji Han, Jelena Milisavljevic-Syed // 2022
Academics and practitioners have shown a growing interest in automobile reverse supply chain (RSC) management as a result of the rise of circular economy and the development of Industry 4.0. Accurate ...

Identification of Property Change Impacts Based on Requirements-Oriented, Multi-Criteria Decision Models

Dennis Horber, Benjamin Schleich, Sandro Wartzack // 2022
As an outcome of the multi-criteria evaluation of different alternatives, product developers receive information on whether the evaluation alternatives meet the demanded property profile. If not, ...

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