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Design considerations for therapeutic devices - An investigation of pre-schoolers? preferences for an artefact's basic characteristics

Balzan, Emanuel (1); Farrugia, Philip (1); Casha, Owen (1); Camilleri, Liberato (1); Wodehouse, Andrew (2) // 2019
Toys are children's first consumer products and while playing they acquire numerous skills, learn about their environment and socialise with other children and adults. Toys are adapted and used by ...

Design for Health 4.0: Exploration of a New Area

Bause, Melania; Khayamian Esfahani, Bahar; Forbes, Hannah; Schaefer, Dirk // 2019
Driven by networked Electronic Health Record systems, Artificial Intelligence, real-time data from wearable devices with an overlay of invisible user interfaces and improved analytics, Health 4.0 is ...

Development of a Product Platform for Ship Locks Using DSM Methods

Knippenberg, S.C.M. (1); Etman, L.F.P. (1); Rooda, J.E. (1); Houwing, E.J. (2); Vogel, J.A. (2) // 2019
During the coming decades, a significant number of ship locks in the Netherlands is due for replacement or renovation. In this respect, Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), the executive branch of the Dutch ...

Development of a quantiative evaluation tool to support the development process of industry 4.0 production equipment

Esra Ünal and Christian Köhler // 2019
One of the main problems in the implementation of Industry 4.0 is the assessment of the added technical and economic value of the new digital and other technological opportunities. This can already ...

Doing it right - critical success factors for design thinking implementation

De Paula, Danielly (1,2); Dobrigkeit, Franziska (2); Cormican, Kathryn (1) // 2019
Proficiency in design thinking (DT) can contribute to the success of many companies. Successful implementation of DT can be achieved by identifying its Critical Success Factors (CSFs). Critical ...

Early stage model based system design under uncertainties

Oizumi, Kazuya; Ito, Akio; Aoyama, Kazuhiro // 2019
System design at the early stage of design plays an important role in design process. Model based systems engineering is seen as a prominent approach for this challenge. System design can be explored ...


Mahtani, Raunak; Umstead, Kelly; Gill, Carolina // 2019
Prototypes are integral tools designers, engineers and other creatives utilize for developing solutions. In the broadest sense, the term ‘prototype’ may mean different things, and may be the means to ...

Ein Klassifizierungssystem zur Anforderungssystematisierung

Dennis Horber; Benjamin Schleich; Sandro Wartzack // 2019
This paper presents a holistic approach to structure and classify requirements of the product life cycle systematically and make them accessible for the evaluation process. In a first analysis step. ...

Empirical Study of Good, Bad and Ugly Modular Engineering Solutions in Machinery Manufacturing Industry

Juuti, Tero; Pakkanen, Jarkko; Lehtonen, Timo // 2019
This study examines the relationship between the product structuring principles chosen in modular product families and the business results of companies. In the three case studies of the article, it ...

Empowering decision makers to avoid the oversizing of building service systems

Jones, Darren Anthony; Eckert, Claudia Margot // 2019
Oversizing of building service systems has a direct impact on building efficiency and operational costs. The research of this paper highlights several major contributors to the issue of oversizing. A ...


Forshaug, Ann Kristin // 2019
Designers are to an increasingly extent working as facilitators and members of co-creative interdisciplinary teams. Interdisciplinary collaboration is needed when working with complex problems, and ...

Ethics and Strategy in Decision-Based Design Frameworks: Problems and Solutions

Hulse, Daniel; Hoyle, Christopher; Tumer, Irem // 2019
Engineering Design decisions impact customers, the environment and society at large in ways that have profound ethical and strategic implications for designers. Previous research in decision-based ...

Experimental Evaluation of a Debiasing Method for Analysis in Engineering Design

Nelius, Thomas; Matthiesen, Sven // 2019
During analysis in engineering design, systematic thinking errors - so-called cognitive biases - can lead to inaccurate understanding of the design problem. With a simplified version of the Analysis ...

Exploring the Application of Network Analytics in Characterizing a Conceptual Design Space

Gyory, Joshua T.; Goucher-Lambert, Kosa; Kotovsky, Kenneth; Cagan, Jonathan // 2019
The ability to effectively analyse design concepts is essential for making early stage design decisions. Human evaluations, the most common assessment method, describe individual design concepts on a ...

Extended Sequence Modelling in Design Engineering ? Gaining and Documenting Knowledge about Embodiment Function Relations with the C&C?-Approach

Matthiesen, Sven; Grauberger, Patric; Schrempp, Lukas // 2019
In embodiment design, functions are implemented in a technical systems embodiment. For doing so, design engineers need to understand the relations of embodiment and function. Many systems change ...

Future-oriented PGE-Product Generation Engineering: An Attempt to Increase the Future User Acceptance Through Foresight in Product Engineering Using the Example of the iPhone User Interface

Marthaler, Florian (1); Stahl, Sven (1); Siebe, Andreas (2); Bursac, Nikola (3); Spadinger, Markus (1); Albers, Albert (1) // 2019
During the process of product engineering, decisions with uncertain consequences have to be made about future development (Albers et al., 2017a). Customer, user and vendor requirements that are ...

Giving Meaning To Products Via A Conceptual Design Approach

Naz Yaldız and Mark Bailey // 2019
Although the conceptual design is a fundamental process through which design decisions are made, its focus is on finding the right solution. Is finding the right solution enough for a good design? ...

Integrated and Customer-Oriented Material and Process Selection by Sensory Multi-Criteria Decision-Making

Schneberger, Jan-Henrik; Kaspar, Jerome; Vielhaber, Michael // 2019
Today, product success more than ever depends on the satisfaction of consumer needs. Besides, manufacturers need to shorten development cycles and accelerate product release in order to stay ...

Integration Of Value Adding Services Related To Financing And Ownership: A Business Model Perspective

Tauqeer, Muhammad; Bang, Knut Erik // 2019
It is an agreed fact among scholars that services are more sustainable compared to the products. By offering services, traditional companies can lock their customers into a long-term and sustainable ...

Interdependencies within the System of Objectives of a Product Generation in Industrial Practice

Albers, Albert; Peglow, Natalie; Spadinger, Markus // 2019
One challenge in product development is the megatrend of product individualization in the automotive supplier industry. Requirements for a variant by the customer may differ from those by the ...

Investigating The Influence of the Decoy Effect in Pairwise Comparison in Terms of Idea Selection in the Product Development Process

Tanaiutchawoot, Narucha (1); Bursac, Nikola (2); Rapp, Simon (1); Albers, Albert (1) // 2019
Many activities in the new product development requires the decision making to find the final solution from multiple alternatives and make an evaluation. Even methods to support decision maker are ...

Investigation of the perception of a radical degree of novelty from the perspective of product users

Herrmann, Thorsten; Roth, Daniel; Binz, Hansgeorg // 2019
The dichotomy of radical and incremental innovation has been discussed in numerous literature sources and a great amount of advices on how to handle them in design processes has been provided. ...

Mapping the progress in agile product development: A multi-case study

Schmidt, Tobias Sebastian (1); Behrenbeck, Jan (2); Burger, Kevin (2); Hostettler, Rafael (2); Paetzold, Kristin (1); Zimmermann, Markus (2) // 2019
The more dynamic and unpredictable the development constraints, the more agile the development project should be to cope with and utilize inherent change. Especially in such contexts, aligning with ...

Measuring Systems Engineering and Design Thinking Attitudes

Greene, Melissa T.; Gonzalez, Richard; Papalambros, Panos Y. // 2019
Systems engineering and design thinking have been widely seen as distinctly different processes, systems engineering being more data-driven and analytical, and design thinking being more ...

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