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Implications of Creating Solution Concepts Based on the Use of References

Michael Schlegel, Felix Pfaff, Simon Rapp, Albert Albers // 2022
The use of already validated systems as references for the development of solution concepts offers the potential to increase process efficiency. It is important to understand how the use of ...

Information Retrieval and Survey Design for Two-Stage Customer Preference Modeling

Yinshuang Xiao (1), Yaxin Cui (2), Nikita Raut (3), Jonathan Haris Januar (4), Johan Koskinen (4), Noshir Contractor (2), Wei Chen (2), Zhenghui Sha (1) // 2022
Customer survey data is critical to supporting customer preference modeling in engineering design. We present a framework of information retrieval and survey design to ensure the collection of ...

Knowledge based engineering for formula student

Nordvall, Erik; Tarkian, Mehdi // 2022
The academic competition Formula student engage engineering students all over the world. In this paper, two applications of Design Automation (DA) and knowledge based engineering (KBE) are presented. ...

Knowledge-Based Assistance System for Part Preparation in Additive Repair by Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Nicola Viktoria Ganter, Lukas Valentin Hoppe, Jan D // 2022
For the economic use of repair in the spare parts business, additive repair by Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) is a promising technology. As material can only be applied to a flat surface in LPBF, ...

Methodology for Early Design Phase Cost and Performance Trade-Off Analysis of a New Variant in a Product Family

Michel Schaffers, Eveline Rosseel, Sofie Burggraeve, Joren Pelfrene, Klaas Gadeyne, Frederik Petr // 2022
Given the Industry 4.0 trend towards smaller lot sizes and large product families, there is a need to increase the design efficiency in terms of cost and lead time. Design decisions taken in the ...

Modeling and analysis of functional variance of complex technical systems

Bastian Menninger (1), Dominik Wiechel (2), Sascha Rackow (3), Gregor Höpfner (1), Christian Oleff (2), Joerg Berroth (1), Iris Gräßler (2), Georg Jacobs (1) // 2022
Complexity of variances in systems leads to challenges in structuring and in making development decisions. Models can collect system information to make them available and transparent. Currently, no ...

Modularizing Maintenance for Improved Production Impact Clarification

Julie Krogh Agergaard, Kristoffer Vandrup Sigsgaard, Niels Henrik Mortensen, Jingrui Ge, Kasper Barslund Hansen // 2022
Maintenance is an essential aspect to keeping production facilities running and safe. However, without an overview of the maintenance impact on production, gaining clarification of the impact of ...

Requirements Trade-Off Considerations in Design Evolution

Georges Fadel (1), Chuck Kirschman (2), David Gorsich (3), Nafiseh Masoudi (1) // 2022
This paper presents approaches to compare criteria and help designers make decisions based on trade-offs between criteria. The impetus for the paper is to identify possible directions to ...

Success Factors for the Validation of Requirements for New Product Generations – A Case Study on Using Field Gathered Data

Steffen Wagenmann, Nikola Bursac, Simon Rapp, Albert Albers // 2022
This paper investigates which activities and success factors can be identified for the data-driven validation of functional requirements. For this purpose, a case study is conducted at a machine tool ...

Supporting the Transition Towards Electromobility in the Construction and Mining Sector: Optimization Framework and Demonstration on an Electrical Hauler

Raj Jiten Machchhar, Alessandro Bertoni // 2022
The paper presents a framework for the integration of the system’s design variables, state variables, control strategies, and contextual variables into a design optimization problem to assist ...

Systematic maintenance action modularization for improved initiative prioritization

Agergaard, Julie Krogh; Sigsgaard, Kristoffer Vandrup; Mortensen, Niels Henrik; Ge, Jingrui; Hansen, Kasper Barslund // 2022
Maintenance action descriptions can easily contain large amounts of variation without describing variation in the actions taken. Especially when plants grow large, this variation makes it difficult ...

The Contribution of Design Discipline in Business Decisions through Design-Oriented Production Diversification: A Case Study in Italian Furniture Sector

Eva Vanessa Bruno, Beatrice Lerma // 2022
Firm diversification is a growth strategy that allows firms to launch new products in untapped markets to increase revenue. It is the identified approach where industrial designers can contribute to ...

The Value of Information in Clustering Dense Matrices: When and How to Make Use of Information

Felix Endress (1,2), Timoleon Kipouros (1), Tina Buker (3), Sandro Wartzack (3), P. John Clarkson (1) // 2022
Characterising a socio-technical system by its underlying structure is often achieved by cluster analyses and bears potentials for engineering design management. Yet, highly connected systems lack ...

Understanding the Role of Perceptual Haptic Conditions on Design Decision

K. V. Rakhin (1), Prasad S. Onkar (1), J. Hayavadana (2) // 2022
The haptic propositions derived from the textile prototypes often allow for more than one interpretation. It impacts the decision on design alternatives during the phase of design evaluation and ...

Using Taxonomy for Supporting Sustainable Product Design Concept Analysis

Han, Ji; Jiang, Pingfei // 2022
Sustainability is playing an increasingly significant role in product design. Many studies have explored the use of methods or tools to support sustainable product design. However, more studies are ...

Utilising failure history to improve maintenance planning

Didriksen, Simon; Hansen, Kasper B.; Sigsgaard, Kristoffer V.; Mortensen, Niels Henrik; Agergaard, Julie K.; Ge, Jingrui // 2022
Improving decision support in the maintenance planning process by utilising maintenance data is in literature considered to hold a great potential. This study proposes a principle for linking failure ...


Stafseng, Terje // 2021
Internship is an established form of teaching and learning in a variety of study programs. This paper discusses experiences and challenges in organising and implementing internship in the curriculum. ...


Tessier, Virginie // 2021
The social practice of design is well implanted in the professional field. Working with others from inside or outside the field is recognized as beneficial for a project’s quality and efficiency. ...


Knutsen, Fredrik Hope // 2021
The product design field is commonly known for focusing on solving the users' needs. However, behavioural design can contribute with a different approach in design education, where the aim is to ...

Coordinating Synchronous Interdependent Decisions In Complex Projects

Kilani, Meriam; Marle, Franck; Vidal, Ludovic-Alexandre // 2021
Oil and gas projects present a wide range of opportunities and issues that challenge decision-making processes. The major challenge addressed here concerns the coordination of multiple interdependent ...

Dedicated vs. Shared Resources in Organizations: Modifying the Design Structure Matrix (DSM) to Support Consolidation Decisions

Yassine, Ali; Worren, Nicolay; Christiansen, Tore // 2021
A key organization design principle is to group interdependent elements in the same clusters. This principle is the basis for the Design Structure Matrix (DSM), which can be used to automate the ...


Brosens, Lore (1,2); Raes, Annelies (3,4); Octavia, Johannna Renny (5); Emmanouil, Marina (1,2) // 2021
In recent years, the responsibilities of designers in industry have drastically shifted. One of these developments is that designers are increasingly growing into jobs where they need to facilitate ...

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  • +design -community
    Find rows that contain the word “design” but not “community”.
  • +design ~community
    Find rows that contain the word “design”, but if the row also contains the word “community”, rate it lower than if row does not.
  • +design +(>community <decisions)
    Find rows that contain the words “design” and “community”, or “design” and “decisions” (in any order), but rank “design community” higher than “design decisions”
  • design*
    Find rows that contain words such as “design”, “designs”, “designing”, or “designer”.
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