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Product Robustness as a Basis for the Improvement of Production Planning Processes - Key Factors in Early Design Phases

Helten, Katharina; Hellenbrand, David; Lindemann, Udo // 2009
Given the growing change of market conditions worldwide production planning is facing new challenges. Different conditions in terms of operating resources, knowledge and quality ask for more flexible ...

Risk Management in New Product Development Projects: Taking Creativity into Consideration

Sperandio, Severine; Robin, Vincent; Girard, Philippe // 2009
Innovation or New Development Product (NPD) corresponds to the application of new and creative ideas. The innovation process is always a rhythm of search and selection, exploration and synthesis, ...

Simultaneous Consideration of Product Design and End-of-Life Recovery Network Design

Kwak, Minjung; Kim, Harrison // 2009
In recent years, product recovery has become a great concern to manufacturers who take the responsibility for product end-of-life decisions. Product design and reverse logistics network design are ...

Statistical Analysis of Process Simulations

Karniel, Arie; Reich, Yoram // 2009
Simulations of New Product Development processes using their specific contexts can provide project managers with decisions-making aids. The NPD context, which incorporates knowledge about the ...

Strategic Decisions Guided by Tools and Methods based on Sustainability Questions

Hallstedt,Sophie // 2009
Product development is a particularly critical intervention point for the transformation of society towards sustainability. Current socio-ecological impacts over product life-cycles are evidence that ...

Structuring Knowledge from Surgical Observations for Design Reuse

Grech, K Alexia; Borg,C.Jonathan; Muscat,Rita Maria; Ellul,Carmel // 2009
Due to the many bene ts that it offers patients, Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) is becoming even more and more popular in a wide range of surgical elds. This paper describes a set of surgical ...

Study on Personal Characteristics and Affordance Perception: Another Case Study

Kim, Yong Se; Lee, Seongil; Park, Jeong Joo; Kim, Min Kyoung; Kim, Mee // 2009
Affordances could be regarded as an underlying value aspect for human-centered product, space, and service design. User activities in performing tasks are influenced by the way the user perceives the ...

Supporting Product Innovation in Uncertainty Conditions: A U-SDSP Based Decision Making Approach

Polverini, Davide; Graziosi, Serena; Mandorli, Ferruccio // 2009
International competition intensification and product development process shortening have heightened the pressure to innovate, representing this issue nowadays a hallmark of all mature companies; it ...

Synergy between Engineering and Architectural Design

Zeiler, Wim; Savanovic, Perica // 2009
Design involves multi-disciplinary design teams to support this highly complex process. A supportive design approach is developed: Integral Design. This design process approach results in ...

Systematic Guidance for How to Integrate a Strategic Sustainability Perspective in Core Business Decision Systems

França, César Levy; Hallstedt, Sophie; Broman, Göran // 2009
Sustainability integration in core business and product development has been a challenge, even if many supporting methods, tools and concepts are available today. However, these are mainly focusing ...

The Product Development Process Roadblock that is Restricting the Widespread Adoption of Design for Sustainability

Lee-Mortimer, Andrew; Short, Tim // 2009
There is now growing pressure on manufacturers from all sectors, and of all sizes, to adopt Design for Sustainability (DfS). The aim of DfS is ensure that both the environmental impact, and any wider ...

The significance of purchasing behavioural characteristics on sustainable design education of students

Hunt, Clive; Reynolds, Tim James // 2009
More and more businesses appear to be adopting the societal (or sustainable) marketing concept as their business philosophy. This is an attempt to increase their competitiveness and promote their ...

Towards Life-Cycle Awareness in Decision Support Tools for Engineering Design

Nergård, Henrik; Sandberg, Marcus; Larsson, Tobias // 2009
In this paper a decision support tool with the focus on how to generate and visualize decision base coupled to the business agreement is outlined and discussed. Decision support tools for the early ...

Uncertainty in Through Life Costing within the Concept of Product Service Systems: A Game Theoretic Approach

Kreye, Melanie; Goh, Y. M.; Newnes, L. B. // 2009
By 2028 Rolls-Royce predict a civil after sales market opportunity of USD 550 billion and for military engines of USD 300 billion. Naturally, with this anticipated business Product Service Systems ...

User-Designer Collaboration in the Design Process of Surgical Instruments: New Aspects for Annotation as a Communication Tool

Hisarciklilar, Onur; Rasoulifar, Rahi; Boujut, Jean-François; Thomann, Guillaume; Villeneuve, François // 2009
Today, collaboration is no more limited to the designers' sphere. Especially the design of products or systems dedicated to expert users requires the active participation of the users ...

We Need a Universal Design Project Outcome Performance Measurement Metric: A Discussion Based on Empirical Research

Skogstad, Philipp; Steinert, Martin; Gumerlock, Karl; Leifer, Larry // 2009
This paper aims to contribute and channel a discussion on the need for a universal outcome performance measurement for design projects. After introducing the problem verbally, an example situation of ...

What’s a Good Idea? Understanding Evaluation and Selection of New Product Ideas

Gutiérrez, Ernesto; Kihlander, Ingrid; Eriksson, Joakim // 2009
This paper investigates how ideas for new products are evaluated and selected in industrial companies. It is based on an empirical and explorative study in three companies, using qualitative ...

Who are the future designers? educational cultures "the path leading to undergraduate study of product design"

Wilgeroth, Paul; Stockton, Glynn M. // 2009
How does someone become a professional product designer? This paper argues that every practicing product designer has made a series of key decisions at key points in their life that have contributed ...

A Proposal for a Mindset of a Project Manager

Eriksson, J.; Hansen, C. T. // 2008


Montagna, F.; Vittone, R. // 2008
The elements of complexity and uncertainty present in the process of New Product Development (NPD) require a comprehensive approach to deal with a problem that involves people, technology and ...


Ensici, A.; Bayazit, N.; Badke-Schaub,P.; Lauche, K. // 2008
Nowadays, the majority of designers work as part of a team. During product development designers have to make countless decisions. Design decisions have a tremendous impact on the quality of the ...


Kihlander, I.; Janhager, J.; Ritzén, S. // 2008
The paper presents results from a retrospective case study in the automotive industry with the purpose to identify dependencies in product concept decisions taking into consideration social aspects, ...


Safin, S.; Leclercq, P.; Blavier, A. // 2008
In architectural design process, the human error has a particular status. The later it is detected, the more expensive it is. Moreover, some errors can not be detected given the current state of the ...


Ferioli, M.; Roussel, B.; Renaud, J.; Truchot, P. // 2008
Innovation is incontestably one of the big responsible of companies' growth and a crucial element for competitiveness. It is proven that without a precise procedure, structured and based on ...

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