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Decision Support for the Selection of Anti-Counterfeiting Measures Based on Modeling Damage Avoiding Functions

Petermann, Markus Alexander; Meiwald, Thomas; Lindemann, Udo // 2009
Manufacturers are confronted with a rising number of counterfeits and imitations of their original products, causing both financial and brand damages most of them are not willing to accept. There are ...

Decision-Focused Product Development Process Improvements

Eriksson, Joakim; Brannemo, Anette // 2009
Currently, there is little or no methodology or methods available to "process improvers" in product development which focus on decision-making fundamentals in order to improve the ...

Decision-Focused Resource Modeling for Design Decision Support

Liu, Shaofeng; Duffy, Alex H. B.; Whitfield, Robert Ian; Boyle, Iain M.; Wang, Wenjuan; Mohamed, Khaled // 2009
Resource management including resource allocation, levelling, configuration and monitoring has been recognised as critical to design decision making. It has received increasing research interests in ...

Decision-making in Design: A Comparative Study

Almendra,A.Rita; Christiaans,Henri // 2009
This paper presents a comparative study of the design processes of nal-year industrial design students of 2 countries while conducting an individual design task. This task was identical for both ...

Deficiencies in Management of the Concept Development Process: Theory and Practice

Kihlander, Ingrid; Ritzén, Sofia // 2009
Concept development is a key success factor in product development and in theory concept development means that a number of concept solutions are generated and evaluated in an objective way using a ...

Design of Product Architectures in Incrementally Developed Complex Products

Wyatt, David F.; Eckert, Claudia M.; Clarkson, P. John // 2009
This paper seeks to understand how product architecture arises and influences the design process, using a case study of a UK-based diesel engine manufacturer. Product architecture is defined as a ...

Design Quantification

Petersen, Soren Ingomar // 2009
Introduction of new products are vital to companies, however costly and fail at an alarming rate. This presents an opportunity for establishing internal metrics to evaluate the relative strength of ...

Design Thinking Affect on Design Quality, as Defined by Design Award Reception

Petersen, Soren Ingomar; Stevels, Ab // 2009
Does a product's success rely on design quality and how does design quality correlate to the strength of a designers' concept-arguments? Possible correlation between designers' verbal ...

Design Thinking Imbedded in Products

Petersen, Soren Ingomar; Stevels, Ab // 2009
This study addresses new decision-making methods for concept selection within industrial design. For this purpose a framework capturing key user - product - provider aspects is developed, organizing ...

Design: The Evolution of Information Punctuated by Decisions

Ullman, David // 2009
As design theory matures, it is becoming more decision-centric supporting the definition of design as the evolution of information punctuated by decisions. Current methods to support design ...

Developing IDPEO - a Multidisciplinary Approach to Product Realization

Wiktorsson, Magnus; Wikström, Anders; Jackson, Mats; Ekman, Sten // 2009
On the background of a changing industrial landscape and key elements of the realization of complex integrated products, this paper discuss and explore an "innovative" approach towards ...

Development of a framework for assessing sustainability in new product development

Sutcliffe, Laura Francesca Rose; Maier, Anja Martina; Moultrie, James; Clarkson, P. John // 2009
The area of sustainability in business is crowded with discussion and tools that are geared towards change at the organisational level (e.g. Corporate Social Responsibility). At the product level, ...

Dimensions of Decision Situations in Complex Product Development

Jupp, Julie Rose; Eckert, Claudia; Clarkson, John // 2009
Decision-making is a multifaceted phenomenon. Yet in design, many models describing decision-making and approaches to decision support are based on simplistic process models and assumptions. This ...

Disruptive vs. Sustaining Technology and the Design Process

Kaldate, Amit; Thurston, Deborah; Rood, Mark // 2009
The preliminary stages of design often focus on how to configure the artifact in such a way as to beat the existing competition in a performance attribute widely available in the marketplace. But ...

DRED 2.0: A Method and Tool for Capture and Communication of Design Knowledge Deliberated in the Creation of Technical Products

Bracewell, Rob; Gourtovaia, Marina; Moss, Michael; Knott, David; Wallace, Ken; Clarkson, P. John // 2009
This paper addresses the general issue of software tool support for designers, helping them to structure, to communicate and to document activities of generation, evaluation and decision. Here the ...

Ecodesign integration in education: the utility of an existing multidisciplinary design methodology

Bergen, Jan Peter; Verhulst, Elli // 2009
Over the last decades, sustainable development increases to be a major global issue. Within this scope, new product innovations might lead to a more sustainable future. The role of the industrial ...

Educating the responsible engineer; socially responsible design and sustainability in the curriculum.

de Vere, Ian; Bissett-Johnson, Katherine; Thong, Christine // 2009
Engineering should serve the community in a socially responsible and sustainable manner. In order to achieve this, the engineering profession must progress from the role of technical service ...

Education of NPD in Virtual Multi-X Environments

c.Vukašinovi,Nikola; Fain,Nuša; Žavbi,Roman; Duhovnik,Jože // 2009
Cost competitiveness, energy price, geographic dispersion of human, knowledge and material resources are forcing companies to outsource and spread the tasks among companies and partners all around ...

Electric Actuator Selection Design Aid for Low Cost Automation

Egbuna, C. Chukwudi; Basson, Anton Herman // 2009
The selection of cost effective and efficient actuators is challenging, particularly in Low Cost Automation (LCA). Often decisions are based on the designers' experience or on actuator ...

Estimation and its Role in Engineering Design - An Introduction

Adolphy, Sebastian; Gericke, Kilian; Blessing, Luciënne // 2009
Estimation is a relevant method for problem solving in product development due to the deficiencies in information and short resources. Nevertheless, estimation is hardly mentioned in related ...

Extending Multiple Domain Matrices to Allow for the Modeling of Boolean Operators in Process Models

Kreimeyer, Matthias; Braun, Stefanie; Gürtler, Matthias; Lindemann, Udo // 2009
This paper suggests an approach to combine the analytical advantages of matrix-based notation with the modeling capabilities of graphical notation to model process flows including logic operators. ...

Framework And Metrics For Assessing The Guidance Of Design Processes

Clevenger, Caroline Murrie; Haymaker, John Riker // 2009
Traditional precedent-based architectural design explicitly generates and analyzes very few options for very few criteria. The introduction of sustainability concerns and building information ...

From school to Higher Education; reviewing the pedagogic transfer in Product Design

Morris, Richard; Tim, Katz; Derek, Covill // 2009
Statistics taken over a period of time show little correlation between the A level scores of applicants to the BSc (Hons) Product Design courses at the University of Brighton and the subsequent ...

How Are Knowledge and Information Evaluated? Decision-Making in Stage-Gate Processes

Johansson, Christian; Parida, Vinit; Larsson, Andreas C. // 2009
In stage-gate processes decisions are made based on the knowledge and information developed during the preceding phase. The purpose of this study is to explore the state-of-practice in industry ...

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