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Raudberget, D. // 2010
Decision-making and selection of different design alternatives is a central activity in product development. This paper compares the decision process of Set-Based Concurrent Engineering to Pugh’s ...

The Relation of Preference and Emotion in Metaphorical Images: An Approach to Design Education

Kim, SuKyoung; Niki, Kazuhisa; Yamanaka, Toshimasa // 2010
In design education community, it is important issue how to help designers develop skills in design problem - solving. How can designers be taught to use relevant prior knowledge to solve new design ...


Vint, L. A. // 2010
Designers are considered as an integral part of the creative industry; however, in reality they represent the consequence business. Designing involves problem solving and improving people's ...

Using DSM Approach to Manage Interactions between Project Risks

Marle, F. // 2010
The purpose of this paper is to introduce the Project Risk Interactions Management (PRIM) process and its associated tools and techniques. The aim is to assist project manager and project members to ...


Fathallah, A.; Stal-Le Cardinal, J.; Ermine, J. L.; Bocquet, J. C. // 2010
Many managers use models to understand the main processes of their companies but also to take the right decisions to enhance the performances. Numerous researches have been carried out on enterprise ...

A Decision Support System Designed for Personalized Maintenance Recommendation Based on Proactive Maintenance

Huang, Ying; Gardoni, Mickaël; Coulibaly, Amadou // 2009
Product manuals play a more and more important role in improving customer satisfaction. Many kinds of product manuals are developed to support the product utilization during the life of the product. ...

A Design Science Approach to Analytical Product Design

Frischknecht, Bart; Gonzalez, Rich; Papalambros, Panos; Reid, Tahira // 2009
Product design involves many diverse disciplines and is often treated as an experience-based skill based on an apprenticeship learning process. While this is a valuable approach, it can be greatly ...

A General Management System for Design Outsourcing

Dandache, Moustapha Rakan; Bocquet, Jean Claude // 2009
Industrial firms are recently turning to outsourcing design. Unlike in manufacturing the context in design is characterized by a lot of uncertainty. Technology and knowledge are critical when ...

A Highly Flexible Project Maturity Management Method for the Early Phase of Product Development

Jahn, Tobias; Binz, Hansgeorg // 2009
The development process of innovative systems, especially in the very early phase, is characterized by high uncertainty and has high influence on the succeeding development tasks. But still it lacks ...

A Hybrid Negotiation-Auction Mechanism for Design Sourcing

Chen, Songlin; Tseng, Mitchell // 2009
The source of innovation is increasingly coming from outside instead of within, which makes it an imperative for companies to effectively source designs. However, design sourcing involves complex and ...

A Method for Evaluation of Product Lifecycle Alternatives under Uncertainty

Kota, Srinivas; Chakrabarti, Amaresh // 2009
In each stage of product development, we need to take decisions, by evaluating multiple product alternatives based on multiple criteria. Classical evaluation methods like weighted objectives method ...

A Method to define a Product Architecture Early in Product Development Using the Contact and Channel Model

Albers, Albert; Sedchaicharn, Korkiat; Sauter, Christian; Burger, Wolfgang // 2009
Defining a product architecture is one of the most important decisions during product development. Most researches in this field are focused on the modification of a product architecture, meaning ...

A Problem Decomposition Method for Conceptual Design

Sarkar,Somwrita; Dong,Andy ; Gero,S.John // 2009
In this paper, based on ndings from situated cognition, we argue that human reasoning is characterized by an ability to dynamically re-organize knowledge available in an experience, and re-construct ...

Achieving Pareto Optimality in a Decentralized Design Environment

Honda, Tomonori; Ciucci, Francesco; Yang, Maria C. // 2009
As engineering systems grow in complexity, the teams that design them require increasingly disparate expertise and must operate in a more distributed fashion. At the same time, subsystem design teams ...

Aesthetic-Aerodynamic Design Optimization of a Car Grille Profile While Preserving Brand Identity

Sareh, Pooya; Rowson, Jennifer // 2009
The purpose of this study is to investigate how to combine the aesthetic quality with the engineering functionality in a design project while preserving the brand identity. It is aimed to develop a ...

An Empirical Study of Energy Efficiency of Clothes Dryers

Lee, Jay; Hoeller, Norbert; Rogers, Damian; Musnier, Samuel; Salustri, Filippo Arnaldo // 2009
The domestic clothes dryer is one of the most energy-consumptive appliances in the residential sector, but there has been relatively little work to study its environmental aspects and improve upon ...

Beyond Cost: Product Complexity and the Global Product Development Location Advantage

Makumbe, Pedzi; Seering, Warren; Rebentisch, Eric // 2009
Discussions of location advantages in global product development are largely based on self-reported surveys, and often agnostic to product characteristics. We build on this previous work by ...

Cameraphones as New Design Tools

Farrugia, Philip; Borg, Jonathan // 2009
It is well known that at the early design stage, designers still prefer the fluidity of traditional sketching as means to express their form concepts, instead of the rigid, user-interface of ...

Change Propagation Modelling to Support the Selection of Solutions in Incremental Change

Koh,C. Y.Edwin; Keller, Rene; Eckert,M.Claudia; Clarkson P. John // 2009
It is common for companies to generate new products through modi cation of existing ones. This is known as incremental change. During this process, designers are usually faced with more than one ...

Co-Evolution of Products & Communities in Mass Collaborative Product Development: a Computational Exploration

Panchal, Jitesh // 2009
Mass collaborative product development (MCPD) refers to a paradigm where large numbers of people collaborate in the form of communities to develop products and services. The evolution of products ...

Collaborative Product Development: How to Make the "Buy Design" Decision?

Le Dain, Marie-Anne; Calvi, Richard; Cheriti, Sandra // 2009
This article focuses on the design or buy design decision process and aims at proposing a structured approach enabling to support the decision-making within a new product development (NPD) project ...

Coordinating Design Decisions for Product, Supply Chain, and Reverse Supply Chain

El korchi, Akram; Millet, Dominique; Colin, Jacques // 2009
New environmental regulations have extended the producer's responsibility for a product to the post-consumer stage. Producers are often responsible for the collection and recovery of their ...

Creating Brand-Innovation Synergy: Towards a Practical Method of Using Brands in the New Product Development Process

Keus, Martyn; Smulders, Frido; Roscam Abbing, Erik; Buijs, Jan // 2009
Brands are more than logos that are "stuck on" products after they have been developed. Before new product concepts are envisioned, brands exist - both in the minds of consumers, and in the ...

Decentralized Optimal Design using the Lagrangian Relaxation Approach

Li, Simon // 2009
To minimize the coordination efforts among design teams and expedite the design process via parallel workflow, this paper proposes a framework of decentralized optimal design. The framework consists ...

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