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A CBR approach for supporting ecodesign with SysML

Bougain, Sébastien Joël; Gerhard, Detlef // 2017
Taking environmental and sustainability issues adequately into account within the design process is mandatory but leads to additional complexity since even more engineering domains have to be ...

A comparison of design decisions made early and late in development

Tan, James; Otto, Kevin; Wood, Kristin // 2017
The occurrence rates and cost impact of design changes made early and later in the design process were studied, to test and quantify the 80-20 rule of design cost impacts, that early design decisions ...

A computational tool for virtual product development exploiting changeability knowledge

Francalanza, Emmanuel; Borg, Jonathan; Constantinescu, Carmen // 2017
Shifts in customer needs coupled with highly competitive markets and technological advances, means that product families evolve over time. Product family evolution has an effect not only on how the ...

A concept and prototype for a new app to support collaborative and multi- criteria decision making in product development

Luft, Thomas; Rupprecht, Simon; Wartzack, Sandro // 2017
As products become increasingly complex, product developers have to make decisions effectively and efficiently. Therefore, the long term goal of the authors is the development of a new app to support ...

A semi-formal approach to structure and access knowledge for multi-material-design

Kleemann, Sebastian; Inkermann, David; Bader, Benjamin; Türck, Eiko; Vietor, Thomas // 2017
In recent years multi-material-design has been of broad interest. There has been a great deal of literature on how multi-material-design has support realisation of lighter, cheaper products with ...


Asbjřrn Sörensen, Charlotte; Warell, Anders; Jagtap, Santosh // 2017
The aim of this study is to evaluate a new pedagogic approach implemented in a compulsory materials course for product design students at bachelors level at ABC University. When developing a new ...

An approach to handle uncertainty during the process of product modelling

Würtenberger, Jan; Lotz, Julian; Freund, Tillmann; Kirchner, Eckhard // 2017
Product models are the results of product modelling and are used for decision making during the development process. They are based on assumptions by the designer, which are made under a lack of ...

An automated generation method of system architecture with component's multi-criterion evaluation

Chen, Ruirui; Liu, Yusheng; Liu, Ying; Zhang, Zhinan; Ye, Xiaoping; Hu, Jie // 2017
System architecture is important for the design of complex mechatronic systems since it acts as a connection between conceptual design and detail design. An efficient automatic system architecture ...

An end of life oriented framework to support the transition toward circular economy

Marconi, Marco; Germani, Michele // 2017
Circular economy is recognized as the most effective economic model to face issues related to waste management and resource scarcity. This requires to efficiently manage the End of Life (EoL) phase, ...

An exploratory study to integrate feasibility into the eco-design process: An approach to link design and environmental parameters

Bratec, Florian; Matta, Nada; Reyes, Tatiana; Troussier, Nadčge; Diaz Pichardo, René; Voinot, Thibaut; Jouanne, Guillaume // 2017
To support environmental practices in industrial design, many software tools have been developed. These tools aim to provide environmental information in a decision context for designers and ...

An optimization-based approach for supporting early product architecture decisions

Raja, Visakha; Isaksson, Ola; Kokkolaras, Michael // 2017
An important aspect in designing the product architecture of turbo fan engine structural components is the load path and flow path of the components. We present an approach for deciding the ...

Anwendung des Data Mining zur Ableitung eines effizienten Produktfamilien-portfolios  (Members only )

Ole Jan, Meßerschmidt; Thomas, Gumpinger; Timo, Neuhäußer // 2017
Companies want to meet the requirements of as many heterogeneous customers as possible on the one hand and offer a small variety as possible to save costs on the other hand. To resolve the resulting ...

Applying lean thinking to risk management in product development

Willumsen, Pelle; Oehmen, Josef; Rossi, Monica; Welo, Torgeir // 2017
This paper re-conceptualizes risk management (RM) in product development (PD) through a lean thinking perspective. Arguably, risk management in PD projects became a victim of its own success. It is ...

Assessing the financial potential for modularization: A case study in a global OEM

Løkkegaard, Martin; Mortensen, Niels Henrik // 2017
Assessing the financial potential of implementing a strategy, based on sharing of key modules and interfaces across a portfolio is difficult. However, this is a critical input when deciding strategic ...

Assessing the performance of additive manufacturing applications

Türk, Daniel-Alexander; Fontana, Filippo; Rüegg, Fabian; Gill, Rajan Joshua; Meboldt, Mirko // 2017
Additive manufacturing offers vast potentials in the development of competitive products. As technological readiness level increases and novel software solutions arise, engineers can fully exploit ...

Assessment of back-up plan, delay, and waiver options at project gate reviews

Olechowski, Alison; Eppinger, Steven; Joglekar, Nitin // 2017
In a staged development process, the planned work is not always complete at the gate review, yet a gate decision must be made. We present a more complete explanation of the reality of gate decision ...

Assessment of changes in engineering design using change propagation cost analysis

Rebentisch, Eric; Schuh, Günther; Riesener, Michael; Breunig, Stefan; Hoensbroech, Ferdinand // 2017
roduct requirements, product elements and production processes. Based on this, a change propagation analysis is presented. Initially, alternative technical solutions are generated to fulfill a ...

Assessment of dependencies in mechatronics conceptual design of a quadcopter drone using linguistic fuzzy variables

Chouinard, Ugo; Achiche, Sofiane; Leblond-Ménard, Cédric; Baron, Luc // 2017
The multi-disciplinary nature of Mechatronic Systems (MeSy) results in a highly complex design task, and it is believed that using an integrated approach to design would help reduce this complexity. ...

Assessment of modular platform potential in complex product portfolios of manufacturing companies

Ortlieb, Casimir; Runge, Tim // 2017
The globalized economy and the increasing trend of product individualization cause a rising amount of product variants to meet the customer’s demands. An increasing number of companies develop new or ...

Bridging the semantic gap in customer needs elicitation: a machine learning perspective

Wang, Yue; Zhang, Jian // 2017
The elicitation of customer needs (CNs) is a critical step in product development. However, these needs are often expressed in ambiguous, simple language and not in the form of well-defined ...

Building a business case for ecodesign implementation: A system dynamics approach

Rodrigues, Vinícius; Pigosso, Daniela; McAloone, Tim // 2017
Several potential business benefits obtained from ecodesign are consistently reported by academic studies and companies. These benefits comprise increased innovation potential, development of new ...

Challenges and preconditions to build capabilities for sustainable product design

Schulte, Jesko; Hallstedt, Sophie // 2017
Sustainable product innovation has previously been found to be positively correlated to competitiveness. However, in order to build capabilities for sustainability integration one must first ...


Watkins, Matthew Alan; Ebbert, Christopher; Arthur, Leslie; Attwood, Emma // 2017
This paper presents work undertaken by 2nd year BSc Product Design students on a live industrial project with McGee a construction company and outlines the success, academic benefits, merits and ...

Connecting strategy and execution in global R&D

Sbernini, Federico; Granini, Nicola; Hansen, Zaza Nadja Lee // 2017
The paper investigates the relationship between global product development strategic decisions, which include outsourcing, offshoring practices as well as strategic alliances, and their impact on the ...

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